Battling a Plateau

The End of the Plateau

Just wanted to share some recent changes because I know how frustrating a plateau can be. I started Plexus Slim and Accelerator on January 3, 2013. I was shocked when I weighed to get my starting weight and I was at a lifetime high: 202 lbs. Wow. I didn’t even know what size I was anymore. Since I work from home, I wore sweats and other stretchy clothes, so I just didn’t have a real grasp of how much weight I had gained.

Looking back at my journal (and I’m really glad I kept one), these are my entries the first two weeks:

January 3, 2013: 202
January 7, 2013: 195
January 8, 2013: 192
January 11, 2013: 191
January 21, 2013: 188

So I lost 14 pounds the first two weeks, and I was tickled to death. Then the weight loss started to slow down and just inch along. Between January 21 and March 12, I got down to 180, but my weight was consistently hovering at 184-185. I could get it to dip, but it would always come back up to that 185ish and just hang there. And even when I did have dips, the first two digits on the scale were always 18-. I didn’t get back into the 190s, so that was good news, but I couldn’t bust that 180 and get to 170-anything, and I was really downhearted.

I had started BioCleanse on Feb. 22 and ProBio5 on Feb. 25. Around that time, Patti and Ronnie Cuevas came to Dallas to hold an Opportunity Meeting, and of all the things they said, what I held on to the most was that Ronnie Cuevas had hit a plateau in his weight loss at about 30 days, then started the ProBio5 and BioCleanse, and after about three months, he started losing weight again.

So I’ve been doing the ProBio5 and BioCleanse every day since the end of February. March was kind of an emotional beating because I wasn’t losing any weight (but I wasn’t gaining any back, either), and I wasn’t feeling too well because I was detoxing. It was pretty rough, but because I’d been having intestinal problems for such a long time, I knew that my system had to be toxic and that this was necessary. I also wondered if I was the only person in the world that wouldn’t be able to lose as much weight as I needed or wanted to with Plexus Slim, but I wasn’t going to stop taking it because feeling better was good enough, if it really came down to it. Still, I really wanted to get the rest of the weight off.

Well, I am happy to say that the BioCleanse and the ProBio5 have done their job. In the last week, I have broken the 185 plateau and dropped to 176. The weight loss is on again! Not only that, but I feel better than I did before I started the ProBio5 and the BioCleanse. My appetite is under control again (it got weird through the detox process and the appetite curbing I had originally gotten from the Slim seemed to disappear for a while). My energy is back. I’m so happy I didn’t quit because my results weren’t “fast enough.” In reality, if I had been on a diet, I would have quit because it would have been too hard to keep going when it seemed that nothing was happening. With Plexus, from all the information I had, I believed that my body was working itself out even when I couldn’t SEE that it was happening. It wasn’t hard at all to just keep taking the product and keep the faith. That was the easy part.

I’ve also noticed by looking back at my journal that I made notes about starting to exercise, which I have been terrible about sticking to, but every time I exercise for a day or two, my body responds with a couple pounds off pretty quickly. So I’m starting again with the exercise because I can see in black and white that it really does make a difference. I don’t have to be a workout beast, just 20-30 minutes of movement every day counts.

So if you’re experiencing a plateau, or if you feel like everyone is losing weight faster than you are, just hang in there and keep going with it. Your time will come. It really will!


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